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About Branching Out Foundation

About Us:

Welcome to Branching Out Foundation Inc, a 501(c)3 certified not-for-profit organization dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of children with intellectual or developmental disabilities and their families. Founded in 2015 by Phillipsburg resident Vickie Mendes-Branch, our organization is driven by a passion for creating a supportive and inclusive community for families facing the challenges of special needs.

Our Mission:
Branching Out Foundation Inc is committed to providing advocacy, support groups, and socializing events that empower children with special needs and their families. Our goal is to foster a sense of community, understanding, and acceptance in Phillipsburg, NJ, and the surrounding areas.

Inspiration Behind the Foundation:
The inspiration behind Branching Out came from Vickie Mendes-Branch's personal journey with her autistic son, Javyn. Faced with the challenges of finding local resources, Vickie took the initiative to establish a foundation that would fill the gap in support services for families with children on the spectrum.

Page One Resource Center:
In pursuit of our mission, Vickie opened the Page One Resource Center, LLC, to ensure compassionate and quality services are accessible to families in Warren County, New Jersey, and beyond. We firmly believe that support should be available to every family, regardless of their location.

Let's B Social Program:
To further our commitment, we introduced the "Let's B Social" program, offering free social skills group therapies for children aged 8 to 17 in our local community. This initiative aims to enhance social interaction and communication skills, fostering a supportive environment for personal growth.

Community Engagement:
Branching Out hosts a variety of events annually, including charitable walks and runs, a "Sensitive Santa" event, and private sensory-friendly parties. We also provide support groups and informational sessions featuring guest speakers, creating opportunities for families to connect and share experiences.

Raising Awareness and Breaking Stigmas:
Vickie Mendes-Branch, with her extensive healthcare background, understands the importance of awareness in addressing developmental disabilities. Through the foundation, she seeks to eliminate stigmas surrounding autism and other conditions, emphasizing the significance of early diagnosis and support.

Looking Ahead:
As we continue to grow, Branching Out aims to expand its reach and impact, reaching more families in need of support. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to a more inclusive society by educating and empowering families facing the unique challenges of raising children with special needs.

Join us on this journey toward a more compassionate and understanding community. Together, we can create brighter days for every child and family we serve.

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